Our Hospital Videos

We have a produced a wide variety of videos to spotlight the in’s and out’s of pet care and health, filmed right here in the clinic with our all-star doctor and staff.


Dr. Rogers’ Introduction

Demonstrations, Surgeries, and Insightful Information

This series will educate you on the processes of which we do things and why as well as the overall science of animal anatomy and health.

Heartworm Treatment: Parts I and II

Part I- The Disease & Treatment

Part II – Treating an Infected Dog

Food Allergies and Diets

Canine Dental; From Start to Finish

Oscar Donates Blood

Fish Oil Supplements for Pets

“Tutorial Series” 

Our “Tutorials” series will show you how to keep your pets in good health with helpful tips from our professional staff.

Muzzle Training

 How to Apply Topical Treatments

 Pilling Your Cat

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