Nov 13 2014

Obesity in Our Pets

Obesity is a serious health issue that affects all too many cats and dogs today.  Some may argue it is the number one health issue we see amongst our furry friends.  This is a concerning reality as obesity can lead to a host of other health issues, including cardiac issues and a shortened lifespan. Overfeeding, frequently giving your pets treats, and limiting exercise are all common causes of pet obesity.

Obesity is an entirely preventable condition.  Careful monitoring of your pet’s weight can allow you to catch it early on, at which point you’ll need to make dietary and lifestyle changes for your pet.  Our staff here at Complete Care Animal Hospital would be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  We have new integrative tools to calculate an ideal body weight and caloric requirements specifically for your pet.  CCAH offers several diets, ideas and great trips to help you and your friend along the way to a better health.





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