Additional Services

Click here to explore our additional services that we offer including Grooming, Boarding, Pet ID Microchips and More!

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    Spa & Grooming

    The Spa at Complete Care Animal Hospital   The Spa at Complete Care Animal Hospital is where no dog, cat leaves without looking drop dead gorgeous and smelling divine! Dana…

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    Hospice-End of Life

    At Complete Care Animal Hospital, we are committed to caring for our patients throughout every stage of their life, even as they near the end of their journey. As pet…

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    Pet Identification-Microchips

    Every year millions of pets are lost and can be reunited with their family if they are found. A microchip is a permanent pet ID. We can microchip your pet…

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    Boarding-Extended Stay

    Complete Care Animal Hospital offers 24 hour boarding services for your dog, cat, avian or pocket pet friends. We provide a comfortable climate controlled environment, blankets, treats and toys. Dogs…